Rup Pahata Lochani Lyrics - रूप पाहता लोचनी

This is abhang Rup Pahata Lochani Lyrics in Marathi. रूप पाहता लोचनी abhanga by Sant Tukarm.

रूप पाहता लोचनी
सुख जालें वो साजणी

तो हा विठ्ठल बरवा
तो हा माधव बरवा

बहुतां सुकृतांची जोडी
म्हणुनि विठ्ठलीं आवडी

सर्व सुखाचें आगर
बाप रखुमादेवीवरू

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Lyricist: Traditional,
Music: Traditional,

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Rup Pahata Lochani Lyrics, रूप पाहता लोचनी is a famous devotional Marathi abhang composed by the noted Marathi Saint Tukaram, who lived during the 17th century. It is a prayer to Lord Vishnu and is one of the most popular abhangs composed by Tukaram.

The abhang is composed in the traditional Marathi meter of ovi. The abhang starts with the words “Rup Pahata Lochani” meaning “My eyes are opened to Lord Vishnu”. The abhang praises Lord Vishnu and asks him to protect the devotee from all sorrows and worries. It also mentions that Lord Vishnu is the only one who can save the devotee from all difficulties. The abhang ends with a plea for mercy from Lord Vishnu.