Hotel California Guitar Tab Solo - Eagles Chords Lesson

Learn Hotel California Guitar Tab Solo watching this video. Close up and slow free guitar solo lesson. Hotel California is not a hard song to play on guitar. However it needs a lot of practice if you want to master this song on Guitar.

Hotel California Guitar Tab Solo Video

This is an iconic song to learn if you want to improve your guitar skills. Before start learning to play, analyse these points.

Intro: This song is in the key of B minor.

Chord Transitions: Practice hard for fast and clean transitions from one chord to another.

String Bending: This concept is heavily present in solo and for this you have to have strong fingers for this. You can develop this by practising more and more.

Sliding: This is not difficult but practice makes man perfect.

Train your Ear: First of all try to decode what is being played and become familiar with harmony. This will help you to get perfect.

The credit goes to Craig Wreckless and his YouTube Channel.


Song: Hotel California
Album: Eagles
Lyrics: Glenn Frey, Don Felder, Don Henley
Singer: Eagles

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